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LifestoriesinterviewbookletA 12-page printable booklet, that includes more than 30 life-story questions, designed for you to fill-in, make copies, and share with the people you love.

Many years ago, as my mom began to lose strength in her hands for writing and in her vocal chords for speaking  due to the progression of Parkinson’s Disease, I decided to interview her and my dad in-depth, asking questions I never before bothered to ask. And it made me realize how many stories would’ve been lost had I not.

You have a life story to tell. And those who know and love you will crave to know it, if not now, someday. But if you’re like most people I know, you don’t have the time to write them down. Well, here’s a little freebie booklet that you can fill in one snippet at a time. After you fill it out, share or save it for your kids one day!  I also encourage you to  print out another blank copy and use it to interview a parent or a grandparent whose stories you’d love to know more about and preserve.

The questions covered in this booklet are a mere glimpse of the stories itching to be told. If you’d like to go into more depth, has a tremendous list of life topics and questions.

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